We have 172 items if medium yarn

We have 172 items if medium yarn

Back in 2004 we created a yarn online store and since then we’ve grown and became one of the most visited online stores. Having started from a small company of three, we grew into a bigger company of 40 people. We believe that our business is more than just business: we have a very personal attitute to everything we do in the company - we love our work. In other words, we are a big family of makers.

  • Limited Edition Luxury Yarns
  • Baby Yarns
  • Hat Yarns

Each member of the customer support knows the product through and through, which is why we provide you with flawless support with lightning speed.
Here are some tips on how to find everything you need on the website in a few moments. All the products are separated into categories. Those are Brands, Types, Weight, Collection, Content, Color and Price. We have 12 brands which include Bernat, Buttercream, Lion Brand, Red Heart and so on. When you filter by type, use these categories: arm knitting, baby, bulk, classic, crochet, ruffle, wool, sock and 9 more.

We have 172 items if medium yarn, 102 of superbulky, 66 of bulky, 39 of light, 14 types of superfine and 8 types of fine yarn. The numbers constantly grow as we find new trustworthy manufacturers.
If you know exactly which material you need, please search by content: we have blends and 100% material yarn. Cotton, acetate, dralon, merino, acrylic, polyester, bamboo and many more - these are the materials available both in blends and in 100% material yarn.

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